Cyber Security Assessments


A security audit is a high-level assessment of your security posture. Without getting into a formal and more expensive Pen Test and Vulnerability Scans, our experts can review the various elements in your IT infrastructure and give you an immediate picture of where you stand with respect to cyber threats.


Stealth Entry’s team of Certified Penetration Testers has the credentials and experience to secure your network infrastructure and your applications. We conduct comprehensive Penetration Tests with actionable results. Our Security Consultants test your network infrastructure, systems, and/or applications with proven, industry standard methodologies such as the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES).

        • Testing of infrastructure, systems, and applications
        • Red Team Assessments
        • Web Application Security Assessments


Conducting a Vulnerability Assessment is a complex undertaking for any organization. Stealth Entry’s exceptional analysts will identify your exposure to risks and vulnerabilities and provide a quantitative analysis of all findings. Our analyses provide a realistic view of your organization’s risks and vulnerabilities and give insight into where to invest resources to reduce your risk exposure and increase your security posture.

        • Software Vulnerabilities
        • Appliance Vulnerabilities
        • Environment Risks
        • Cyber Risks for Client’s Industry


Stealth Entry can coordinate a simulated manipulation & gamification of actual phishing attacks within your organization to test the degree to which employees are trained to protect confidential information and to gauge the need for additional training. We will work closely with you to tailor make these confidential campaigns so that you get a clean and unbiased result. We recommend that these programs be run periodically as to continuous enforce a culture of cybersecurity awareness.


Stealth Entry is your number one choice as a Security Complaint Cloud Services Provider. If your organization is currently planning to migrate your corporate digital assets to the Cloud, we can fully support your project throughout its full lifecycle! Our Cloud Security and Cloud Architects can secure and manage your applications providing full HIPAA Compliant, HITRUST Certified Healthcare Clouds and FedRAMP Compliant Government Clouds with your company’s required or regulatory standards at the application level. We also provide IaaS and PaaS security compliance to include all software and data running in the cloud – saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and months of time and effort.