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Workshop Outline

DISCLAIMER: You must be 18 and over to take this workshop!

This is an in-depth workshop on Dark Web Forensics investigations including technical details of how the dark web/TOR works, a tour of actual dark web markets; and specific investigative techniques or tools for dark web investigations.

In this workshop you will be given a tour of the dark web and walked through the technical details of how it works. You will get hands-on experience conducting dark web investigations. This includes how to identify relevant information and how to investigate it.

WARNING: The content in this video contains potentially offensive topics and adult content. Viewer discretion advised. You must be 18 and over to take this workshop!

  • 1: Technical Background:
    • TOR, Tumblers, Exit Nodes
  • 2: Tour of markets
    • Drug Markets, Financial Crimes, Deviant Markets, Terrorist Markets
  • 3: Investigative Techniques
    • Step – by – Step Process
    • Specific Guidance
    • Tor Crawlers
    • Keeping your identity safe and secure

Course Includes

  • Instructor led training modules (1 year access)

Course Objectives


  • An overview and exploration of the dark web
  • Review the technologies involved
  • Review the existing markets
  • Discussion of search methods
  • How to create an identity for investigation
  • Vulnerability scanning the dark web
  • Breaching markets
  • Crawling the dark web
  • Tools Used
  • Onion Crawler

Who is it for?

This training is useful for any forensic investigator but is particularly interesting to those trying to trace data leaks, financial crimes, and cyber-related crimes. This workshop includes hands-on labs.

Disclaimer: You must be 18 and over to take this workshop!


Additional information

Course Schedule

Live Online – Jan 12th, 2022


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