Cloud Services

Secure and Migrate your on premises infrastructure to a secure cloud instance.

Secure Cloud Architecture

Cloud Migration Services

Stealth Entry’s Cloud Security Architects ensure you can effectively migrate your on-premise servers and infrastructure to a cloud based hosting environment, reducing your over head cost of infrastructure, maintenance and servicing. Enjoy rich features such as Application Hosting, Securtiy Implementations, Monitoring and Alerting, Change Control and IAM implementations in a secure fully controllable environment. Our customers on average see a reduction in costs by utilizing these services as well as an increased Security Foothold.

Azure Cloud Migration Services

Load Balancing and Scale Sets

Data Warehousing

Secure VNet Integrations with On Premise Resources

Cost Savings and Analysis
Cloud Modernization Services

Cloud Modernization Services

Our Cloud Security Architects and Application Development Services wrapped into a single service offering, Enjoy all the benefits of our Secure Cloud Architecture and don't stress about code. We offer application modernization efforts to finally replace your legacy systems, whether you are planning for this scenario or already in the midst of deploying, We will augment your staff utilizing our expertise in cloud services. While working on modernizing your infrastructure and applications from the ground up.

Test Driven Development Practices

Secure Application Implementations

Geo-Redundant Fail-overs

Modern Development Framework's

Full Stack Development

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